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This site has been created to honour the life and works of Hilary ‘Harry’ Fisher Page and Kiddicraft, the company he founded in 1932.

Hilary Page was born in 1904 and sadly committed suicide in 1957. During the years 1932 to 1957 he changed the face of the British toy industry and created some of the classic pre-school toys played with by children today.
Perhaps his greatest claim to fame however is the patent for the ‘interlocking building brick’ later to be adopted and modified to become the famous LEGO brick.
Hilary Page was a well-known writer, broadcaster and designer of children’s educational toys. In 1932 he founded Kiddicraft in Purley, Surrey with £100. Kiddicraft initially made wooden toys, but through his frustration with the qualities of painted wood, Page started to experiment with plastics.
In 1937 he made the first plastic “Kiddicraft ‘Sensible’ Toys” initially under the BRI-PLAX name.
The first edition of his book, ‘Playtime in the First Five Years’ published in 1938 is a valuable insight into the start of the pre-school toys industry that we know today.

As we collect more toys, catalogues and history of Hilary Page and his Kiddicraft “Sensible” Toys we hope that this will grow into a permanent archive of the great innovators work.
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Miniatures Collection

One of the last products Hilary Page worked on before his death was the Miniatures range.

This extensive range of collectable miniature 'groceries' capture a snapshot of brands in the 1950's.

The archived collection has been expanded greatly by the generous donation of over 100 pieces by Suzanne Biallot-Siebert of Pennsylvania.  Suzanne collected this amazing collection during her youth and has generally passed them on to the archive so that they can be shared by others.  Over coming months I will re-catalogue the entire collection and put up new photography.  In the meantime please look at the Miniatures section for insights into this unique collectible miniature social history.