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Louis 'Val' Valentine

Louis 'Val' Valentine

Louis Valentine – Illustrator - Playtime in the First Five Years, 1953

Louis ‘Val’ Valentine was a cartoonist and illustrator and who seems to have been quite prolific in the 1950s.  There is no record of him working in Page’s offices as Eileen Soper did, so it is likely that the publisher contracted him.

He illustrated the revised second edition ‘Playtime in the First Five Years’ (1953) which was translated into French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish and Dutch – with all editions featuring his illustrations.

His pen and ink drawings capturing children at play in the most charming of ways are so reminiscent of the period.  His style reflects that of Eileen Soper who worked on Kiddicraft packaging illustrations and point of sale materials.

He published the art drawing manuals: -

How to Be a Lightening Cartoonist – Introduction by Donald Peers, Published by W.Foulsham 195?

Valentine’s Complete Guide to Drawing for the Junior Artist - Published by W.Foulsham 1958

He also illustrated the following books: -

The Rabbit Who Lost his Way - Dean & Son,

Tales for Little People – Beaver Books, London 1947

Sunny Tales from our Village - Hampster Books 1940

Rip Van Winkle – Hampster Books London 1955

Archie Andrews’ annual No. 5 – Dakers 1956

I have no record of his age other than he died in the 1980s.