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K234 Pram Beads

Kiddicraft Pram Beads
Have the special feature that a core runs right through the centre of each bead, making it possible to wash the toy frequently (as will be necessary) without water getting into each bead. Without this centre core water would get in through the holes for the elastic-cord and it would be very difficult for it to drain or shake it all out. Kiddicraft think of these things and don’t “spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar.”

Patent applied for.

Made in England

K234 Kiddicraft Pram Beads
Baby can examine them ; spin them and listen to the sound ; or move them up and down ; but cannot throw them out. Later the beads can be used as bath toys or for threading. The material from which they are made is non-inflammable, will not warp or lose it’s shape in hot water and the colours are absolutely fast.

A Hilary Page Design

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K234 Kiddicraft Pram Beads
Babies in their prams need something to play with. Dangling toys should be avoided as they are liable to cause a squint. Pram Beads are fixed in a second to the wing nuts on either side of the hood.

A Kiddicraft “Sensible” Toy

Country : England

Year : 1949

Notes :

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