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K262 Teething Beads

Kiddicraft Hygienic Teething Beads
Suitable for use from 6 months
A Hilary Page Design

For generations Teething Beads have consisted of a string of enamelled wooden beads. These have never been very satisfactory because a baby, even without teeth, can eventually gnaw off the enamel. With Kiddicraft Teething Beads it is quite impossible for a baby to remove the slightest trace of colour or material.

Made in England

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These hygienic Teething Beads can be washed indefinitely in hot soapy water but should not be boiled. The chain is plated with pure silver and is much more hygienic and easy to clean than any type of cord. The rounded links cannot hurt the gums, and each link is individually welded.

Inside the box (on platform tray)

Kiddicraft Hygienic Teething Beads
Designed by Hilary Page

These Teething Beads are moulded from a special plastic which will not break or chip, and the Beads can be washed daily in hot soapy wate, dried, and are immediately read for use. Long before the first tooth appears, a baby needs something hard and cool to bite on.

Handwritten Price 7/11 (seven shillings and eleven pence)

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Year : 1938

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