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F118 Forest Toys - Ringalong Truck


Kiddicraft FOREST TOYS 

Children are sensitive at a certain age to texture, weight and form in their playthings.  Clear colours which harmonise and contrast also appeal to them.  These qualities can be combined particularly well in wooden toys.  Consequently every child should be given wooden toys of good design, amongst others.  Forest Toys are made of selected wood, beautifully finished in non-toxic colours and clear lacquer.  The box of each is labelled according to the age at which a child will most appreciate the plaything.  The Forest range includes playthings to interest children actively moving about, and also for them to enjoy during hours of quiet constructive play.  There are push toys and pull toys and toys to put together on the floor.  Forest Toys are designed by William Singleton, M.S.I.A., who has considerable experience in wooden toy making.  Registered designs.





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