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K72 Pull-Along-Train

We give this the first place in the Catalogue because we really think it is the cleverest Toy which has ever been designed for a very Young Child - either boy or girl. It is a model train which is constructed entirely of wood, and really is unbreakable. It has a perfectly smooth finish and is enamelled in bright red and not a trace of colour could ever be sucked off. Note the ingenious method of coupling - no hooks to get broken or cut the baby\\'s hands. A child of twelve months can couple and uncouple with ease, and will delight in doing so. The Toy is perfectly suitable between the ages of twelve months and four years. This Pull-Along Train is an excellent example of the really good finish of Kiddicraft \\"Sensible\\" Toys and is wonderful value. Packed in strong box 5/- Post 7d

From 1 - 4 years.

Country : United Kingdom

Year : 1937

Notes :

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