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Toys in Wartime - 1942

Toys in Wartime

Hilary Page, author of Playtime in the First Five Years and designer of the famous Kiddicraft "Sensible" Toys, has just returned from the United States, where for the past two years he has been lecturing and broadcasting on "Children in Wartime."

Hilary Page decided to write this very helpful book for mothers upon his return owing to the extreme shortage of good educational toys in the country.  He shows clearly the ways to which sensible playthings help a child to explore to the full each stage of his development from boyhood to six or seven years.  He describes ho, although the toys may not be obtainable, the benefits they would have afforded can be achieved by giving the child various combinations of household and available articles which will serve the same purpose.


3s. 6d. net

George Allen & Unwin Ltd.

Year - 1942

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