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Hilary Page Toys


Playtime in the first Five Years - Second Edition

Year : 1953

Notes : Published 1953
By George Allen & Unwin Limited, Ruskin House, Museum Street, London.
Price 15 shillings
Dedicated ‘To Children and there parents’
178 pages, bound in cloth with dust jacket.
Illustrated by Louis Valentine
16 photographs of Kiddicraft toys – shown here.

Dust jacket copy -
Hilary Page is the designer of the well-known Kiddicraft “Sensible” Toys for babies and young children. He has made a life-long study of the playtime of young children and their needs in play material. For many years, he used to spend the whole of every Wednesday in a different nursery school, sitting on the floor and playing with the children, to find out exactly what type of toys would be of the greatest interest to them.
In this book, he describes every aspect of playtime and shows parents and teachers what sort of toys are going to hold the interest of children for the longest possible time and help them in their development through the various stages of childhood.
Mr. Page started the business of Kiddicraft with a capital of £100 in 1932, and to-day his toys are made and known all over the world, though the design and the control are still in his hands. He has always encouraged mothers, nannies and schoolteachers to write to him and has relied on their co-operation and criticism in order to produce what they want. Many of his best ideas for toys have come from the thousands of letters he receives every year. He has developed these suggestions and put them into practical form in this book.

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