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I would like to thank the following people for their help, support and involvement in bringing this project to fruition

Dawn  Allan

For her history of Kiddicraft and her help in the search for products.

Noretta  Berry

For the Vari-Form Pyramid photographs.

David  Bowsher

For the Daily Graphic Plastics Exhibition Catalogue images.

Peter  Brown

For his organisation of the Lifetime Achievement Award and help in research.

Nigel  Endersby

For the Hilary Page Tribute Video and his enthusiasm for the project.

Tom  Hall

For the Baby Box photographs.

Jim  Hughes

For the background information and images on Kiddicraft & Lego bricks and his contributions to the history of Kiddicraft.

Gary  Istok

For the Lego information.

Deborah  Jaffe

For her excellent ‘The History of Toys’ and help with research through the Plastics Historical Society.

Ted  Kiesewetter

For the toys from his own collection.

Sue  Maunder

For all the photographs and information about her father, David Day and his contribution to Kiddicraft.

Philippe  Mayer

For his history of Kiddicraft France, Germany and Spain and his memories of Hilary Page.

Helen  Morres

For her memories of Hilary Page.

Jim & Will  Osborne

For the photographs and 1937 / 1938 Catalogue

Jill, Geraldine & Vivienne  Page

For everything! The history would have been impossible without you.

 Sabrina Club

For Hilary Pages Rowing History.

Richard  Schoevaart

For photographs and toys from his own collection.

Christian  Servant

For his enthusiasm, support and his monitoring of!

 Shrewsbury School

For your excellent records and help with Hilary Pages school history.

Harry  Thomson

For all the Kiddicraft catalogue scans.

Shaun  Woodward

For the catalogues and toys from his own collection.

Suzanne Ballot-Siebert

For the collection of Kiddicraft Miniatures that are now housed in the archive.

Susan Mayes

For her knowledge, the Kiddicraft Miniatures Collection support and contributions to the site.