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Tiger Toys Limited 

Tiger Toys Ltd., Durford Mill, Petersfield, Hampshire.  Tel: Rogate 316

Tiger Toys (Petersfield) were a wooden toy manufacturer owned and run by Robert and Sheila Hirst from 1959 until it went into liquidation in April 1978.  Rob sadly died of a heart attack in 1971.  They operated out of the converted 'Durford Mill' in Rogate, on the outskirts of Petersfield in Hampshire.  It appears that they had a close relationship with Kiddicraft both as a manufacturer and distributor of each others products.  

Tiger Toys and Kiddicraft had a number of products in common, the most notable being 'English Village' and 'Noah's Ark' which appear in similar guises under both brand names.

Tiger Toys also produced a children's shop 'Minie Stores', which featured a collection of Kiddicraft Miniatures.

Lile Kiddicraft, little information is available about the history of Tiger Toys and their business relationship.  As we discover more, and common products the information will be added here.

Tiger Toys (Petersfield) & Kiddicraft - Tiger Toys Ltd. -

Tiger Toys Ltd.

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Tiger Toys (Petersfield) & Kiddicraft - Tiger Toys - Noah's Ark -

Tiger Toys - Noah's Ark

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Tiger Toys (Petersfield) & Kiddicraft - Tiger Toys - English Village -

Tiger Toys - English Village

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Tiger Toys (Petersfield) & Kiddicraft - Tiger Toys - Minie Stores -

Tiger Toys - Minie Stores

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