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Products produced between 1932 and 1962 carried a 2 or 3 digit reference number prefixed by the letter K.

Numbers were not engraved into product, but were indicated on the box and in the consumer catalogues included in every product.  Trade catalogues also carry the appropriate references.

Where there is a product in the archive we have photographed it.  Where we have no product but do have a catalogue then we have scanned the catalogue page as an image 'holder' until we get an actual product to photograph.  Where we have no product or no image then we've posted a 'WANTED' sign.  Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' link in the menu bar if you can help.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed images, acknowledgements have been made in product text.


K65 Four Way Truck

A new idea in "Wagons", with fourfold value.  First, as a teach-to-walk trolley (without box body), to help crawler become a toddler, it will not tip up.  Later, with the body attached, it is a sturdy play wagon.  Used separately, the box body is a toy box, or a rocker to sit in.  Turned upside -down it becomes a set or a "castle".  Quality specification included rust-resistant metal fittings, hardwood body and marine plywood bases, screwed and glued construction and overall varnished finish.

Age :  8 months - 3 years.

Year :  1963

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