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When Hilary Page was developing the Miniatures range he wanted true authenticity and a perfect replica of the original brands.  In my interview with Derek Allpass, son of Hilary Page's business partner Charles Allpass, Derek recalled clearly the day that Hilary Page declared that he had come to an agreement to make a miniature version of the 'Crown Cap'.  Hilary Page was excited to have achieved what many had said would be impossible.  

The crown caps were produced in a series of colours for the Kiddicraft Bottles

Silver, Gold, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

By the time that 'Gold Seal Miniatures' were launched for the adult collector market, Kiddicraft had mastered printing on caps and so some of the 'Gold Seal Miniatures' have authentic miniature Crown Caps for the brands.




Crown Cap - Yellow

Used on

Kiddicraft & Gold Seal - Barclays Stout

Kiddicraft & Gold Seal - John Courage IPA

Kiddicraft - Double Diamond Oval Label

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Miniatures - The 'Crown Cap' - Crown Cap - Yellow -
Barclays Stout YC.jpg
Miniatures - The 'Crown Cap' - Crown Cap - Yellow -
Crown Cap - Yellow.jpg
Miniatures - The 'Crown Cap' - Crown Cap - Yellow -
Double Diamond Oval Label YC.jpg
Miniatures - The 'Crown Cap' - Crown Cap - Yellow -
John Courage IPA YC.jpg